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How can I be your retailer or agent in my country?

Retailers or agents are welcomed and there are sevral forms of join us!

For retailer: marketing in your home country in store or online and send orders to us each time when you get payment from your customer.

This is kind of middle person and trading company way of co-operate, so it is easy and straight away. We provide you a quote, you send to your customer, and once the customer pay to you, you pay to us, and after that we will deliver the products to your customer and handle the aftersale training.

In this case, you will get market price for your first oder, and cumulated purchase to 5 printers, you will get a lower price that is the promotional price; when you cumulated to 10 printers, you will get the agent price; and then further to 20,30,40......

For agent:  you/your company are dealing with certain machine or equipment now, have technical team, customer profile, aftersale team and willing to extend your product catalogue with our printers.

In this case, we will need to have your company details and need fully analyse your company reputation, background, size, capability and other factors. Based on the result, we will negotiate details of whether you can have our exclusive agent contract or normal agent contract. But no matter which type of contract, you will need to provide your customers with after sale service and maintenance, we will provide you or your employee free training.

For agent contract, you will need to sell certain amount of our printers and provide proper aftersale service to keep the competitive price!

Please let us know about your detailed inquires by:

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