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Advantages of KMBYC uv printer

When it comes to the price/performance ratio of uv printers, I think the following are the main criteria: printing accuracy, ink used in printers, image reproduction degree of printed materials, printer nozzles, and ink system.

Related to print accuracy is the number of passes and the type of feathering. Our company has done such a test: like the same company, using the same machine, the same picture, the same print mode, the same printed material proof, our company's machine The effect is much better than the peers!

Our company's printer uses a small grainy and delicate ink, which makes the printed image very delicate. Whether it is white or white, the effect and quality are extremely high. Our company is also involved in the study of ink configuration, so the company's machine and ink are highly compatible.

The printer's nozzle uses Epson nozzles. Although it was not developed by our company, the effect printed by our printer is also outstanding compared with the same peers who use this nozzle.

Regarding the white ink agitation system, since the white ink is prone to sedimentation when it is not used for a long period of time, the white ink agitator prevents the white ink from being precipitated, so as to avoid clogging of the nozzle.


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