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What products can a UV printer print?

UV printers can print how many kinds of materials ? Previous printers were printed on tradition paper, and we always dreamed of printing beautiful patterns on any object. Now uv printer can do it!


Based on this dream, since 2003, KMBYC took the lead in producing the first UV printer in China, which can print a wide range. It cannot be printed except for silicone oil or silicone objects, all flat products of all materials can be printed.

Small to food packaging bags, mobile phone cases, jade, large to wine bottles, aluminum cans, Aluminum tubes, golf balls, soccer ball skins and so on. So the uv printer is also an acrylic printing machine, custom mobile phone case printing machine, wood printing machine, metal printing machine, package bag printing machine, cup printing machine, wine bottle printing machine, leather printing machine, barcode printing machine ,color printing machine and so on.

After 18 years of development of UV printers, KMBYC has not only achieved a major breakthrough in material printing, but also achieved a breakthrough in printing. KMBYC's machines can print better than 95% of the machines on the market even with 2pass printing Products. What's more, when using high-precision printing, you can print 0.01mm thin characters, very clear!


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