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How does a UV printer print inkjet effect?

1. The machine platen should be kept clean to avoid high bottom difference of the cylinder mold due to external impurities.

2. The best fixed position of the cylinder mold, the mold is 8.3cm from the top of the platen (according to the KMBYC's A3 machine).

3. Ensure that the water level on both sides of the cylinder mold is consistent, and the measurement error of the steel ruler is minimized to ensure the best printing effect.

4, KMBYC's bottle UV printer can print on the cylinder, white-color simultaneous printing by one pass

5. The optimal distance between the print head and the cup is 1.5~2mm. The smaller the spacing, the better the printing effect.

(Special attention: the adjustment range should be as small as possible to avoid the damage caused by hitting the nozzle to the nozzle, and the adjustment of the button height is most suitable)


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